8 of the most Surreal Landscapes in Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

  1. Yoga classes during sunset’s golden hour.


  1. Dolphins and whales splashing in tranquil waters.


  1. Unique wildlife


  1. Serene mirror-like water reflecting mangrove


  1. The water vibrantly it changes color from deep jade green next to the shoreline where it reflects the jungle, to bright blue where it mirrors the immense sky.


  1. Sunrise Paddle Boarding over the golden horizon.


  1. Golfo Dulce’s clear and jade green waters.


  1. Jade colored water, dolphins, majestic blue butterflies and leaves as big as elephant ears soothe your senses.


Immersed in the rainforest and fronted by calm gulf waters off the Pacific Ocean, Playa Nicuesa lives in harmony with nature. Reachable only by boat, let your truly natural vacation adventure begin!

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