Learn how to make chocolate at Nicuesa Lodge

If you are a cacao lover and ever wanted to make your own chocolate, the Organic Chocolate Making Tour at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is waiting for you. Here is what to expect from the tour:

  1. First, you will discover all the secrets behind the cacao tree and why this prodigious fruit was considered “the food of the gods” in pre-hispanic America.


  1. Then the preparation of your own chocolate begins! You will go to the kitchen and roast the already dry seeds.

  1. Afterwards, you will remove the outer shell of the beans and grind them into powder.

  1. Once again you will go to the kitchen to make chocolate paste, using milk and sugar in the European tradition.
  1. Then is time to get creative! Try mixing the chocolate paste with the ingredients provided. You can add ginger, salt, pepper, honey, curcuma, cacao nibs, vanilla, and much more!

  1. You might think there are some unusual ingredients, but give it a try, we are pretty sure you will like the exotic combinations! Here are some ideas:


  1. Shape the chocolate the way you want and eat it later as dessert after dinner. Final step: enjoy your own made chocolate!

Article by Tamara Rivera


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